Concrete floors represent a significant investment for any industry. Despite this, it is often the most neglected and abused part of the structure. Apart from the mechanical abuse, spillages of various kinds of chemicals also occur often weakening the reinforcement and concrete surface. The need to protect the surface with a suitable coating is quite obviously there. An increasing awareness of the limitations/drawbacks of concrete flooring is now resulting in wider acceptance of floor coatings. Limitations include the accumulation of dust due to the formation of laitance and difficulty encountered during cleaning owing to surface texture. Furthermore, the presence of cracks and surface porosity allows various oils to seep in, resulting in unappealing patches. Weakening of the reinforcement and concrete surface due to chemical spillage and the possibilities of microbial growth are other significant drawbacks. Apart from these, concrete floors are aesthetically unappealing making the workplace dull.

The epoxy coatings are hard wearing, abrasion resistant coatings available in wide range of attractive colours. They have excellent mechanical properties and provide floors that are tough and long lasting. They, apart from protecting the concrete surface, help tide over the limitations without affecting the intrinsic strength of concrete floor. The range Floor Coatings Australia Epoxy Floors provides you with stunning colours and finishes for your home, garage or commercial space. Epoxy floor finishes will make your rooms look larger and brighter due to the reflective finish of the flooring surface. With the ever-increasing popularity of epoxy coatings for concrete surfaces, decorative and stylish finishes can be obtained with the addition of decorative flake - available in matte or a gloss finish providing a sleek, showroom glazed surface. Alternatively, quartz chip can be added to the concrete epoxy coating system providing a slip resistant surface that affords added safety from the hazard of slips. If you are looking for beautiful options for a modern minimalistic look or bright bold colours or other flooring styles, or even wanting to overcoat your existing floors to match your ever-changing tastes.

Floor Coatings Australia epoxy seamless flooring system has substantial advantages over conventional floor coatings, finishes can be high gloss, satin or matt. Epoxy floors are easy to clean and maintain and easily resists water and a majority chemical spills without staining.

Epoxy floors and highly durable, hygienic and easy to clean and maintain. You can easily customise your epoxy flooring to suit your lifestyle and décor. With slip resistant options for residential, commercial and industrial applications, you know you will receive the total finish you are wanting

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  • Garage floors
  • Rumpus rooms
  • Kitchen floors
  • Commercial floors
  • Warehouse
  • Factory floors
  • Amenity blocks
  • Playrooms
  • Workshops
  • Offices
  • Patios
  • Restaurants
  • Commercial kitchen floors


  • Quick drying
  • Semi-gloss finish
  • Specially formulated for high – traffic, walk in surface
  • Ideal for concrete and timber floors.
  • Cost effective.